Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

Listen To My Latest Podcast:




Director Creative Development

Jase teaches yoga at the Ali Forney Center where her mission is to spread loving-kindness. Through producing short documentaries about her work and speaking publicly at events, on television, and publishing multimedia accounts of her journey, Jase has cast a wide net in the worlds of wellness, philanthropy, gender studies, and entertainment to bring these elements together and create a powerful platform for ever greater self-expression for all. 

Jase was born Jason and came out as a woman in the summer of 2015 during a karma yoga retreat at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. Prior to that, she was known as the ‘Bearded Yogi,’ often with a characteristic beard and the same bright smile. Now she feels overjoyed to have had the opportunity to discover her truest expression and continues to produce new work in line with her dedication to raising money and awareness for those in need, specifically with God’s Love We Deliver, an organization that prepares and delivers home-cooked meals to people suffering from long term debilitating diseases. ‘The Pilgrimage’ is an ongoing project weaving together the need for self-love and self-acceptance with selfless service, and finding authentic expression.

Jase’s pronouns are she/her.



Director of Community Outreach

Eric Mosley is a 200hr registered yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance and the founder of Black Mat Yoga NYC, a yoga company committed to ensuring that yoga is accessible to every BODY. Eric is a graduate of Morehouse College, Relay Graduate School of Education, and Three Sisters Yoga. After teaching 5th grade reading at an all-boys charter school in Brooklyn, NY; Eric served as the dean of culture at both a charter elementary and high school. The physical and emotional demands of the work led him to the physical yoga practice. After almost a decade of classroom and school leadership experience, he has found a new way to educate through yoga. Eric is fiercely dedicated to making sure that people across identities, specifically people of color, feel a sense of representation, community, and acceptance both on and off their mat.

Eric’s pronouns are he/him.



Director TKYM

Andrew, an athlete at heart, found yoga through a number of sports-related injuries. Yoga has taken him throughout the U.S. & Costa Rica and is currently based out of the New York City/New Jersey metro area, teaching out of Equinox Health Clubs. Andrew teaches The Kaivalya Yoga Method®, designed by Alanna Kaivalya. He has also studied extensively with NYC-based instructors KayKay Clivio & Yogi Charu of PURE Yoga and Jill Miller, Founder of Yoga Tune Up®. For more info on yoga goodies from Andrew, visit

Andrew’s pronouns are he/him.




Kim is a self-proclaimed online marketing nerd, who gets giddy hearing about a new marketing concept or idea. She constantly explores new ideas and strategies that will help entrepreneurs scale their businesses. Kim began working as a virtual assistant in 2010 and has been an integrator for the last 5 years. As an integrator, her focus is making sure all parts of the business are running smoothly, allowing visionary entrepreneurs to focus on the big picture. She founded her company, Side Hustle Sisters, to help online entrepreneurs grow their businesses, develop marketing strategy, and realize their dreams of generating passive income.

In her downtime, Kim lives on a small farm with her husband and two boys, when they are home from college, raising Barbados sheep and chickens.

Kim’s pronouns are she/her.



Lead Mystic Mentor/TKYM Mentor/The Phoenix Rising Project Council Member

Melissa De Los Santos is a dream interpreter who helps sleep-deprived and stressed individuals uncover the root cause of their anxieties through dreamwork.  She is a 500-hour TKYM graduate since 2017.  Since then she has created and contributed to numerous online communities to provide support and holistic education for those on their own spiritual journeys. Through her work, she has been able to help people address suppressed emotions that come up in dreams while providing them with the tools needed to release these emotions in a process she calls Dream Healing.  Melissa has also collaborated in local healing events throughout El Paso, TX to fundraise for the Navajo tribe in Black Mesa,  Arizona which was in need of emergency resources.  She can be found on Instagram @the_dreaming_yogi or her site

Meli’s pronouns are she/her.




Jordyn is a chameleon of many interests including unique approaches to yoga. Growing up in the mountains, she learned to take the road less traveled quite seriously. On a less serious note — she’s an adventure enthusiast, outdoors is her middle name and a truly compassionate soul who loves what she does. After obtaining her 500hr training in the yoga world, Jordyn is now a Yoga Therapist completing her IAYT accreditation through The Soul of Yoga Institute. She has spent ample time studying with Nischala Joy Devi of Abundant Well Being, Mas Vidal founder of The Dancing Shiva as well as Dr. Richard Miller of the iRest Institute. Using a variety of related lenses, she aims to give others the tools they need to remove obstacles in the way of their own healing power. There is a nurturing, softness within how she delivers a flow, combining an emphasis on intricate muscle engagement and intentional breathwork. She approaches all aspects of yoga with the knowledge that the mind, body, and spirit are intimately connected. While continuing to pursue all the benefits of the yoga community, both as a student and teacher, she believes in inspiring people to be the best that they can be. With a hungry mind and her “small yet mighty” personality, she looks forward to connecting on the journey of yoga and the oneness we all share!

Jordyn’s pronouns are she/her.



Project Manager

Cassandra (Cassi) Koppert is a Business Administration and Marketing Professional with an extensive background in the IT industry. She brings well-rounded experience developing projects, leading major sales and marketing programs, and proactively managing administrative responsibilities.

Raised overseas in Sydney, Australia; Shanghai, China; and Singapore, Cassi gained valuable experience and exceptional skills in different languages and cultures. She is a passionate member of a non-profit organization, Caring For Cambodia, with a mission to secure a better future for the children of Cambodia. Cassi drove fundraising as a hands-on organizer of numerous charitable activities and frequently travels to Cambodia to volunteer and help educate the children of Cambodia.

Cassi’s pronouns are she/her.



Student Support Specialist

A current graduate student, Chase knows what it’s like to have a passion for learning. As an avid reader, researcher, and writer, Chase enjoys understanding and solving problems. She takes this positive and hardworking attitude in everything she does, especially as a Student Support Specialist. With a resume chock full of student support roles, she understands the importance of making the student heard and understood. 

As a virtual assistant for two years, Chase has assisted with graphic design projects, website development, and customer service. Additionally, because of her passion for art and education, she established Art Talk Collective in 2015, an online resource for art writers and enthusiasts. Her unique mixture of virtual expertise and communication skills make her a fundamental part of the student experience.

Chase’s pronouns are she/her.


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