Online Yoga Teacher Training & Certification to Become a Spiritual Leader

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Yoga. Chakras. Astrology.

Welcome to your complete guide in becoming a self-sustaining spiritual leader!

Do you want to pursue your purpose and answer your calling?

Do you want to change lives ā€“ including your own?

We have spent over 20 years perfecting our certification courses to ensure you are confident leading your own practice upon graduation.

Learn from the best, elevate your practice and deepen your spiritual connection with world-renowned "Yoga Doctor" Alanna Kaivalya Ph.D. and our team of elite mentors.

Iā€™m Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D.

Iā€™ve spent the last 20 years revolutionizing the field of yoga, investing all my expertise into creating the most comprehensive, powerful, life-changing yoga teacher certification program in the industry.

The Kaivalya Yoga MethodĀ® Academy was the very first online yoga teacher training certification program in the world. Since our launch in 2015, we have been honored to serve a global community of over 30,000 students through our diverse range of higher education courses. Our graduates have gone on to build successful careers in both in-studio and online settings, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of their students.

The best $37 you ever spent.

The HEY membership is designed for yogis ready to take their practice or careers to the next levelā€¦without the commitment of lengthy (expensive) trainings. We are committed to making higher education for yoga accessible, practical, and impactful.

With access to new curriculum every month, youā€™ll differentiate yourself from the average yoga teacher who ā€œteaches people how to stretch.ā€ Wow your students and help them experience a deeper peace than a sun salutation will ever give them.

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Student Reviews

Working in the fitness industry for over 40 years, I have taught and taken many courses. I can honestly say that this course was extremely comprehensive yet easy to follow.

Susan Manning

I am so happy with the TKYM program. Iā€™ve learned so much, not only about yoga but about myself in the process. The mentors are very helpful and I found the course easy to follow.

Cynthia Florence

This program is truly AWESOME. Everything about it was perfect for me. The assignments, readings, tests, and the asana demonstrations were extremely comprehensive. I learned so much.ā€

Toni Ruscio

I signed up for The Kaivalya Yoga MethodĀ® because it was self-paced. I loved that the training is broken down into short concise teaching, that is informative and profound, and easily digestible.

Jamella Stroud

Training with TKYM was the best decision and experience of my life. The mentors were all incredibly helpful and kind, and Alanna is an incredible and inspirational teacher.

Melanie Mclaren

I found this course extremely
informative from an inclusive anatomy course to learning about the myths related to yoga. I do recommend this for anyone looking to teach yoga.

Janet Featherstone
Ready to be a
kick ass yoga teacher and spiritual leader?

Alanna developed The Spiritual Leadership Instituteā„¢ļø with three powerful and distinguished Academies to provide you with the most comprehensive, in-depth, supported, and transformative spiritual career training possible.

1. Begin with your yoga certification

2. Expand with training as a certified astrologer, tarot reader, or chakra pro

3. And reach new heights by building a thriving online business. Itā€™s all here for youā€¦


How Youā€™ll Learn

Every course - from Yoga Teacher Training to our spiritual certification courses - is:

Available Online

You can join our classes on your own schedule! Youā€™ll need a smartphone, ipad or computer and internet access.

Yoga Alliance Approved

Register with Yoga Alliance as a certified graduate of The Kaivalya Yoga MethodĀ® online teacher training program. AND earn CECs with any of our other courses.


You wonā€™t go through the training alone with our accessible mentors who are there to assist you every step of the way. Plus we have an online community where you can connect with other students for real-time support.

Geared to make you the BEST

Youā€™ll receive constructive & encouraging feedback on every test you submit allowing you to grow into the best yoga teacher, astrologer, tarot reader you can be.

Not sure where to begin?
REGISTER NOW FOR MY FREE TEACHER TRAINING WEBINAR. Go right inside The Kaivalya Yoga MethodĀ® and learn how to become an extraordinary yoga teacher.