Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

Listen To My Latest Podcast:

Online Yoga Teacher Training
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Transform the Soul


Hi, I’m Alanna,

Often referred to as the Yoga Doctor, I help yoga teachers embody their knowledge, up-level their skills and create more impact in the world. I give you clear pathways to earning a living with your spiritual practice and help others with your gift.

I know how difficult it is to set yourself apart and thrive as a yoga instructor, so I want to teach you to be more than that…to be a spiritual advisor, healer, and master of the stars. As a #modernmystic, we are the torchbearers of spirituality for modern people; we are the guides that provide our students access to yoga’s enduring power as a healing and enlightening tool.

It’s high time we learn the skills necessary to settle into that post, and create a spiritual career…no, calling…that allows us to inspire others while earning a living.

I’ve scoured the earth, studied with spiritual masters, written three books, and earned my doctorate, all to deliver the exact skills and knowledge you need to set yourself apart as a yoga teacher, spiritual leader, and healer.

I’m here to give you tools to create a lifestyle and career that allows you to transform and thrive, even as you help others to do the same.

It’s all right here. Just for you.

And, all my offerings are backed by my promise to always give you everything you need for your spiritual journey.


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500-hour Online Teacher Training

The knowledge & skills you need to become the best yoga teacher possible.

Are you ready to dive into the most comprehensive online certification program available? Did you take a basic 200-hour teacher training and are thinking, “What’s next?” 

Whether you are looking for a program that hyper-educates you about the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga (while integrating your body, mind, and spirit), or if you simply want to become the absolute best yoga instructor you can be, you’ve come to the right place.

This unparalleled experience in learning provides you with individualized support and all the skills and knowledge you need to stand apart from the crowd. Take your seat as a world-class, certified yoga teacher and deliver inspiring, in-depth, and intelligent classes that leave your students yearning for more.

Want to learn more?

Join Alanna to learn all about the program, take a peek at the inside of the teacher training and get all your questions answered.


“I am extremely grateful for The Kaivalya Yoga Method® Teacher Training! I have learned so much and love the flexibility of doing it at my own time and pace. I highly recommend this course!! I have even heard friends who completed their training elsewhere say they did not cover as much detail as we do in this program. What started off as a way to expand my knowledge in yoga turned into a passion for helping others, and was the foundation for starting my own sacred business!!”

— Melissa De Los Santos, student in The Kaivalya Yoga Method® online teacher training 


Turn your passion for Yoga into a Thriving Business with the tools you need to create more Impact in your Career!

What if your yoga career attracted droves of engaged students, allowed you to make more positive impact in the world, and increased your bottom line?

Want to know a secret? It can.

The elusive goal of a thriving yoga career is attainable with the right strategies and techniques.

The average yoga teacher makes a measly $35,000 per year. That’s a lot of hustle for a little scratch. Many instructors spend oodles of hours per week driving all over town to teach umpteen classes…all of which they are underpaid for. It’s time to change all that.

Ready to take the next step in your yoga career?

Join Alanna for her 3 steps to making more money as a yoga teacher.


Alchemical Astrology Certification Program

Are You Ready to Integrate the Power of Astrology Into Your Yoga Practice?

For millennia keepers of spiritual wisdom knew many ways to heal, inspire, and uplift others. Raise the bar on your own spiritual teachings by incorporating the wisdom of the stars into your yoga teaching practice to become something more: a thriving and prosperous spiritual leader who has the tools and knowledge to create more impact and help others with your gift.

Astrology is a complementary practice to yoga, and an essential skill set for you to set yourself apart from the crowd, add an additional source of income, and fill your calendar with clients who want your time, talent and expertise.

Astrology for Yoga Teachers

Join Alanna for a free training session and discover the incredible link between yoga and astrology—how the chakras and planets combine to create an incredible system of healing and self-knowledge.


“The Alchemical Astrology Certification Program is the ultimate experience! This course is clear, concise, easy to follow and layers information in a logical way that continues to reinforce the previous lesson. The one-on-one attention given by Alanna is unparalleled. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about my own self and inner landscape and about how to help others interpret theirs as well! This course gets 5 huge AstroStars!”

— Sara M.

School for Mystics

Are you ready to up-level your skills as a yoga teacher with access to more than 150 hours of content across 8 courses that give you the knowledge you need to heal your students, create inspiring classes, and take your teachings up a notch?

Become a member of the School for Mystics.

“Alanna’s courses are chock full of content. She goes above and beyond to make certain you have everything you need. Questions? She’s available. Suggestions? She’s open. Requests? She’ll grant them, if able. I’ve signed up for 4 of her courses and I’m extremely happy with the format, content, and the information. Really, you can’t go wrong! While I have access to the courses so I can go back and refresh as needed. Thank you, Alanna, for making these courses affordable!”

— Cindy H., Member of The Modern Mystery School

Discover the Innate Wisdom of the Chakras and a Clear Path to Healing.

Alchemy of the Chakras: Therapeutic Training

Experience optimal health and joyful well-being gained by learning the body’s unique truth, and learn to pass this gift onto others. Throughout this comprehensive program, you learn various modalities to address and heal the subtle body and the chakras, while also adding on a new level of skills to bring to your clients. You develop x-ray vision as you look into the body to discover clear avenues to healing and thriving, allowing you to help others on a level no one else will.

This course is a professional certification that teaches you therapeutic application of the wisdom of the chakras, and ways to find the root causes of discomfort and dis-ease. As you tease out the blockages, you open energetic pathways that transform the bodies, minds, and spirits of those you work with, creating “aha” moments of clarity, transformation, and joy.

Access the Wisdom of the Chakras

Learn to heal yourself and others through this free 3-day mini-course, based on my revolutionary professional training program: Alchemy of the Chakras.

“Taking Alanna’s Alchemy of the Chakras course was a most enriching experience. As a yoga teacher and student of yoga, the information I received in this course added a rich dimension to my teaching and personal practice, but most importantly helped deepen my insight into my interpersonal relationships. Alanna’s warmth, intelligence and passion for this material is clearly evident. She is very encouraging and responsive to inquiries and comments. I truly feel I received an invaluable tool that will serve me well both personally and professionally.”

— Margaret Johnson BSN RYT

“Yoga does not make your life better…yoga makes you better at your life.”

– Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D., from Yoga Beyond the Mat