Develop your inner wisdom with online learning in the comfort of your own home.

Alchemy of the Chakras Mini-Course with Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D.

This 3-day course (a preview to the full Alchemy of the Chakras course) guides you through essential chakra wisdom, giving you the tools you need to balance your energy centers and enlighten your mind and spirit.

This short course takes you through this journey and gives you all the tools you need to create personal harmony. In this course you learn:

  • The anatomy of the subtle (energetic body)
  • How each chakra works on a physical, emotional and physiological level
  • Specific practices to balance and work with each chakra
  • How to identify which of your chakras need extra attention
  • How to create self-healing on every level – mind, body and spirit

Sliding scale of $5 – $40

Alchemy of the Chakras: Heal Yourself, Balance your Energy and Transform Your Life in 7 Weeks!

Do you suffer from chronic pain or illness? Have you found that yoga and spiritual practice leave you feeling more aligned and uplifted? Are you interested in having the tools to create balance – inside and outside – all the time?

Enter the chakras: A millennia-old body of wisdom pointing us to the deeper wisdom of the body. We are more than physical beings. Our bodies are expressions of our deeper truths, belief systems, traumas, patterns and past experiences. Everything we have ever been a part of or participated in is stored in our bodies. Like our own walking autobiography, our bodies carry around our story.

What story do you want to tell? And, are you listening to the one that is speaking now?

Our bodies express the truth that we carry inside.

In order to create a different physical expression – one of optimal health and wellbeing – we must consciously create an inner truth that promotes health, balance, and alignment with our highest self. This is more than just “positive thinking,” this is a practice that requires inner listening, and the tools of yoga, spirituality, psychology and ritual to create a healthy dialogue between our inner and outer selves.

This is the key to balance. This is the key to our bliss.


Yoga Beyond the Mat: Making Yoga Your Daily Spiritual Practice

All the tools you need to take the power of yoga into your own hands!

When we empower ourselves in our practice and commit to a daily sadhana, we knowingly changing our lives and foster our connection with yoga. This allows us more resiliency to handle daily struggles, a more objective perspective on life, a healthier and more integrated body and mind, along with the ability to keep an open heart. In short, we become cool as a cucumber.

To help YOU stay cool, and master your own daily practice and connection with yoga, I have created this comprehensive online course that features:

  • Hours of rich video content guiding you through essential spiritual practices and lessons
  • Private Facebook group where we support and trade secrets on our daily rituals
  • Course workbook to share & take notes within the program
  • Bonus content to enrich your journey above and beyond the course material!


Total Transformation: 4 Weeks to Lasting Change through Yoga

28 days to transformation.

That’s what this course produces. Using the universally acknowledged benefits of yoga practice, Alanna Kaivalya brings you the most targeted tools of transformation for mind, body and spirit. By incorporating the latest research in mind/body/spirit re-programming and conditioning, by the end of this course, you not only have a targeted yoga practice, but ways to measure the results.

Everyone touts the benefits of yoga. From helping you lose weight, to reducing stress, to healing the body, yoga has myriad ways in which it improves your body, mind and spirit.


Thyroid Healing Yoga for Waking Up

We know how tough it is dealing with thyroid disease…and we’re here to help!

If you’re struggling with the ups and downs that symptoms bring you, this course is perfect for you.

Whether you have sluggish metabolism, a lack of energy, brain fog, anxiety, depression, or any of the myriad emotional and physical symptoms thyroid disease causes, yoga and its healing effects are incredibly beneficial for diminishing the stress and challenge of dealing with thyroid disease.

In this course, the founders of Thyroid Healing Yoga, Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D., and Danna Bowman, bring you tools, techniques, and support for elevating your mind, waking up your body, and healing your spirit.

Through physical practices, meditation, gentle stretching, and energetic tools to work with the throat chakra, this course provides you with everything you need for the days you need extra energy, or soothing self-care techniques.

This program features hours of video and written content designed to give you the most comprehensive tools to work with your thyroid disorder, and help you thrive!


Astrology 101: Unleashing the Power of Cosmic Energy

Astrology 101: Unleashing the Energy of the Stars is a self-paced course that teaches you everything you need to know about astrology and how to use it to gain insight into your past, present, future, relationships, health, money, career, and spirituality.

This course is an easy-to-use, highly applicable and super practical framework for you to access and study at your own pace. I’ve incorporated (and solved!) the struggles of my own (failed) attempts at learning astrology and have streamlined the process to have you excel as an expert on the stars.

This course includes:

  • Hours of rich video content guiding you through essential astrology knowledge
  • Private Facebook group where we support and learn from each other
  • Course workbook to share & take notes within the program
  • Bonus content that provides you with the answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet


What’s My Sign? The Astro-Newbie’s Guide to Your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign

A complete tool-kit that shows you how to plot your horoscope and determine your sun, moon & rising signs…to find your soul’s purpose!

This tool-kit shows you exactly how to plot your horoscope and determine your sun, moon & rising signs. This gives you insights into your true nature, your destiny and your soul’s purpose…

And helps you make sure you’re manifesting them to your fullest potential!


Decoding the Tarot: The Ultimate Guide to Divining the Ancient Wisdom of the Tarot Deck

Ready to tap into your innate wisdom and get answers to all your questions?

In this course, you will learn:

  • The history of the Tarot…it’s not what you think!
  • The symbolism and mythology behind the deck and hidden within every card
  • How to effortlessly read the tarot deck, and do spreads for daily or long-term readings
  • How to look at every card…and understand its meaning and relevance to your reading!
  • The best way to access the divine connection that allows you to read the tarot deck with ease and accuracy


Connect with Your Spirit Guide: Enter Your Flow State, Find Inner Peace, and Get the Answers You Need

Are you ready for a radical change in how you operate in your day-to-day life? Do you wish you knew which decision was the best one for you? Have you been wondering how to connect with your flow state…all the time?

Well, it’s actually very simple.

This online course gives you 5 Steps to Spiritual Guidance. You learn:

  • What a “spirit guide” is!
  • Why developing a connection to spiritual guidance is a key component of success
  • Concrete tools to connect with your spirit guide
  • Simple meditation techniques to access the “flow state” (the most productive state of mind)
  • How to avoid pitfalls of disconnection and missing the answers
  • Ways to create receptivity so your answers come loud and clear

In this course, Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D., utilizes time-tested wisdom along with modern day science to offer you a grounded, real, and practical method for accessing the source of your highest wisdom…consistently and clearly.

By connecting with higher wisdom and creating a dialogue that is clear and concise, you let worry, anxiety and confusion take a back seat to clarity, focus and joy.

Though it sounds lofty, this technique is backed by modern research, and millennia of practices that combine to give you the best tool in your toolkit: connecting with your spirit guide to gain the answers of your soul.