Pisces Full Moon: Swimming in Spiritual Waters

The mystical full moon in Pisces on September 6, 2017 is the culmination of months of energy that began building with the Pisces new moon and solar eclipse that occurred earlier this year on February 24th. On that date, we planted seeds in the psyche that...

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Gemini New Moon: Transforming Your Love Language

The Gemini new moon on May 25, 2017 is a fantastic time to plant seeds in terms of some new, fun travel plans, taking a new course and up-leveling your learning (by becoming an astrologer!), and making sure your speech and communication is clearly directed and coming...

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Full Moon in Scorpio: Embodying Sacred Sexuality

The full moon on May 10, 2017 lights up the sky…and our embodiment of sacred sexuality. While Scorpio is known for those two unavoidable principles in life: death & taxes, it is also known for the depth of connection we feel through spiritually-driven intimacy. On a...

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