Gemini New Moon: Transforming Your Love Language

The Gemini new moon on May 25, 2017 is a fantastic time to plant seeds in terms of some new, fun travel plans, taking a new course and up-leveling your learning (by becoming an astrologer!), and making sure your speech and communication is clearly directed and coming...

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Full Moon in Scorpio: Embodying Sacred Sexuality

The full moon on May 10, 2017 lights up the sky…and our embodiment of sacred sexuality. While Scorpio is known for those two unavoidable principles in life: death & taxes, it is also known for the depth of connection we feel through spiritually-driven intimacy. On...

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Aries New Moon: The Rogue Warrior

With the Spring Equinox, we start the Zodiac year in the sign of Aries. The new moon on March 27, 2017 follows suit, and in Aries fashion: the moon goes rogue. It’s standing powerfully in the sign of Aries with only the sun and Venus nearby. No other ties to planets...

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