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Get Certified from Home (100% Online)


200/300/500hr Certification Options


Lifetime access to the course content, plus fully guided support all the way through certification*

200, 300 or 500 hours of higher education in yoga from a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS)

Optimization of your growth with accountability and assessments

Individualized feedback and ongoing support from elite mentors and a dedicated technical team

Access to a Private Facebook group with additional content and interactive Live sessions

Certification upon completion and lifetime registry with The Kaivalya Yoga Method

* You will get 6 months to complete certification for the 200 and 300 hour programs, and 12 months for the 500 hour program.


200 Hour / 500 Hour Programs Include:


Anatomy & Alignment: presented through an exclusively yogic lens, you learn key muscle, bone, joint and connective structures. You’ll also learn terms of movement and alignment principles that foster both understanding and the safe application of asana for a wide range of considerations and abilities.


Vinyasa, Sequencing & Subtle Body: this section contains the essentials of how to safely sequence a vinyasa class, then goes further, giving you the insights necessary to sequence in accord with the more esoteric and energetic principles that fuel yoga’s transformational power. By learning the subtle anatomy (including in-depth work with the chakras and koshas), you gain an experiential understanding of the deeper layers of the body. This knowledge fundamentally shifts how you harness the power of asana practice.


Teaching Techniques, Building a Business & Being a Professional: from refining your cues and developing a well-rounded class to utilizing the power of the web and increasing your business acumen, this module provides everything you need to embark on a successful teaching career, not to mention leading stellar classes that students never forget.

300 Hour / 500 Hour Programs Include:


The Art of Adjustments: learn the essential skills of connecting with students through hands-on adjustments. Whether you want to deepen a posture, modify it for a beginner or address a specific issue, injury or concern, you’ll learn to deliver adjustments that allow you to profoundly connect with students on a variety of levels.


Philosophy, History & Theming: offers the skills and lexicon needed in order to convey complicated yoga philosophy with ease and finesse to a modern day audience. Understand how the history of yoga has developed and how we move it forward by honoring the timeless tradition today. Through your study of essential yoga texts, you learn what it takes to embody the core philosophy of yoga and become a yogi living in the modern world, as well as how to give compelling dharma talks. This module also gives you the skills necessary to build your classes around a theme in order to educate the body, mind and spirit of the students who come to your classes.


Meditation, Myths & Mantras: unlock the power of sacred sound and the profound practice of meditation. This module not only teaches you how to develop your own meditation practice, but also how to teach a variety of meditations to others. You learn the significance of Sanskrit, mantra and chanting while going through their corresponding myth and meaning. Included in this module are both of Alanna’s books: Sacred Sound: Discovering the Myth and Meaning Behind Mantra and Kirtan, and Myths of the Asanas: Stories at the Heart of the Yoga Tradition.


Final Teaching Culmination: gain access to this module upon successful completion of all other modules in The Kaivalya Yoga Method® Teacher Training. This final module gives you the opportunity to test your comprehensive knowledge of all the topics covered in the program, and also asks you to upload a video of you teaching a full 60 minute class in The Kaivalya Yoga Method®. Congrats, you are officially a certified Kaivalya Yoga Method® Instructor!


Prepare to be transformed. Your teacher training journey will challenge you, fostering growth in ways you never imagined. The time is now!

All prices are in USD



– Release of Liability Template for your students
– Health questionnaire for your students
– Two beautifully designed resume templates


– Chakra ebook
– Art of Adjustments ebook
– Yoga Beyond the Mat ebook 


– Sequence Worksheet
– Asana Workbook


– Chakra mini-course registration
– Mudras for Sleep Mini Course


– Concise Cuing Guide
– The Changing Yoga Landscape talk with Alanna
– Social Media Guide for Yogis


– 3 Guided Meditations


– Zodiac Cheat Sheet
– Chakra Cheat sheet


BeYogi Membership Includes:


  • Enroll prior to graduation and get insurance/BeYogi Membership for $25 for the year
  • Great rates on liability insurance beyond your first year
  • Don’t need liability insurance but want to join BeYogi for other benefits? No problem.
  • Yoga Liability Insurance (including live streaming)
  • One policy that covers 350+ modalities
  • Access to affordable health insurance, dental and vision
  • Access Guides and eBooks
  • Great articles to make you a better teacher


Limited Time During Pandemic –
Act Now for RYT Certification Qualification!


Yoga Alliance now allows online learning as part of their registration process in light of the recent pandemic. This means that you can register with Yoga Alliance upon graduating from The Kaivalya Yoga Method Academy online certification program.

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This provision by Yoga Alliance is currently approved through September 30, 2020. It is our hope that this decision to allow online learning becomes permanent.

The Kaivalya Yoga Method Academy has always provided (and will continue to provide):

  • Comprehensive content above and beyond Yoga Alliance Standards
  • Certification upon completion of our 200-, 300-, and 500-hour programs
  • Registration on our own site for free of charge

If the Yoga Alliance registration element is important to you, then we strongly urge you to register and complete your training with us at this time. 

When the online provision expires, and trainings are allowed to move back to studios, people who want to register with Yoga Alliance at that time will need to enroll in an in-studio program. 

To read the updates from Yoga Alliance, visit this page.

We want to make you a yoga teacher. An adept, exceptional, qualified yoga teacher, trained in the foundations of the practice, yoga philosophy, postures, sequencing, anatomy and therapeutics. All from the comfort of… anywhere.

The Kaivalya Yoga Method® Online Yoga Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive course taught by one of the most powerful and prominent figures on the yoga scene today: Alanna Kaivalya.

Upon completion, you’ll join an elite group of graduates who are some of the most influential, committed, successful, and qualified teachers in their community.

If you’ve ever felt a calling or curiosity to teach yoga, THIS IS YOUR SIGN TO DO IT.



Interested in the program? Want to learn more? Join us for our next webinar info session and learn about the key differences between the 200, 300 and 500 hour programs and why our YTT certifications are right for you!


Group Fitness Instructors United

The Kaivalya Yoga Method supports GFIU, and our graduates are eligible for membership with this exclusive union for yoga and fitness professionals.

Complementary Therapists Accredited Association

The Kaivalya Yoga Method is accredited with the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association. Our graduates receive *free* accreditation & registration as well.


All the topics throughout the program are covered in-depth through Alanna’s lectures. Her vibrant energy, breadth of scholarship, and lighthearted humor keep you actively engaged with more than 100+ hours of video learning.


Every element of this course is written down for you. Consider your extensive notes…already written! All the content is easily understood, and all the details are covered. With more than 300 pages of content featured in the course, you are sure this hefty online resource keeps you informed.


Your day-to-day experience includes constant interaction with our team of lead mentors. All trained and certified at the highest level with plenty of continuing education, they have much to offer! You’ll get helpful, constructive and encouraging feedback on every test you submit, allowing you to grow into the best teacher you can be.

Our course is as interactive as it comes. Participate with us daily in our private Facebook group, on regularly scheduled webinars, and via email. Alanna and her team are here for you 100%. Ask any question, and get all your answers whenever you need them.

Throughout the course, you upload videos of along the way. In this way, you are held accountable for every element of your learning, and you are never left behind. We ensure the optimization of your growth and development as an instructor as we watch you progress.

Throughout the course, you engage in classes which features a wide array of skilled teachers that enhance and diversify your experience. You read key texts and write reports to demonstrate your understanding. You also put your creativity to work by creating sequences that integrate your skills.

Upon completion of the teacher training program, you have met our rigorous standards and become a Certified teacher with The Kaivalya Yoga Method®. You are eligible for a listing on our exclusive website that features our esteemed teachers. This course will also enable you to register for Yoga Alliance RYT 200 at least until Sept 30, 2020 – while they are allowing online study due to the pandemic. 



When I decided to pursue my yoga teaching certification, I researched countless teacher trainings in search of one that was affordable, convenient, and most importantly, offered a comprehensive and engaging curriculum. What set the Kaivalya Yoga Method® online training apart from the rest was its innovative use of multimedia channels to provide knowledge and support remotely without compromising the integrity of the mentor/student relationship that forms during in-person trainings. This training has not only given me valuable insight into how to safely and effectively teach yoga, but also into improving my quality of life by applying yogic philosophies in everything I do.”

— Kayla M.


“As a Movement Specialist with a successful private business and long list of pre-existing credentials (including yin yoga) I wanted to add a yoga certification.

I am a serial education geek, but I carefully choose my teachers: I’m looking to learn from someone who I truly believe can enhance my own mind and body approach, in order to make me a better human and a better practitioner.

I thusly found myself, as I often do, researching options. I wanted to study from a best-in-class teacher, but I also didn’t want to close my business for a month.

Alanna’s reputation, plus the “practical” benefits of online learning won me over.

It’s an honest and first-in-class course. Credential? Check. But you are going to grow and learn and be challenged along the way. Just what I signed up for!”

— Janis Isaman


Alanna, Founder + Chancellor

Over the 20 years I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga, I’ve had the good fortune to study with a great many teachers. From mentors here in the United States, as well as around the globe in India, Bali, and Europe, there are many who have influenced my own practice and the development of The Kaivalya Yoga Method. Some you will be familiar with like: Sharon Gannon & David Life, Mark Whitwell, and Richard Freeman. Others are more obscure, such as Sheshadri, who lives in Mysore, India and teaches a variant of Ashtanga Yoga, or Anne Kasmen, who lived in Bali (she has since passed) and brought me great spiritual revelations through her unique work.

I’ve studied the asana traditions of yoga, and I’ve also studied the philosophical and mythological aspects of yoga with classical instructors and through my studies in higher education. My Ph.D. is in Mythological Studies with emphasis in Depth Psychology, and that work greatly informs how I bring this practice to you now. It’s been decades in the making, and I also believe it will continue to evolve as we work together here in this program!

Where else you may have seen Alanna…

The Huffington Post
Elephant Journal






  • You love yoga, and enjoy its many benefits, but you are ready to learn more. Weekly classes aren’t enough, and you can’t get enough of workshops
  • Your practice of asana has evolved into an exploration of meditation, pranayama and/or philosophy. Let’s face it, you can’t fit any more yoga books on the shelf!
  • You are interested in learning the depths of yoga’s great history and the heights of how it serves you and others


  • You already teach yoga, but the 200 Hour training you took left you wanting…more
  • Your teaching practice needs more richness; a way to set yourself apart – it’s time to find your niche and specialize in your favorite elements of the practice by becoming an expert at all of them
  • Health and wellness is your life. You live it, breathe it, and seek it. Now, it’s time to teach it to others with the most comprehensive tools you can find


  • Taking a teacher training has been on your list…for a while, but it just hasn’t been the right timing. Luckily, this course is done on your own time
  • You are looking for a lifestyle shift, but are still committed to your….life! Thankfully, this course fits into your busy schedule
  • Becoming yoga teacher has always been a goal, but it’s been financially unattainable…until now. This online teacher training program fits into your life, and your wallet


Are there any prerequisites for signing up?

There are no prerequisites for this course, and you need not be a yoga expert before registering. What we do ask is that you have at least some level of practice under your belt so you are familiar with basic postures and the flow of a vinyasa class, but you are also right at home if you are more advanced at yoga or have already taken a training. Much of what you find here fills in the gaps as it is comprehensive and designed to provide you with what you need to know to become an extraordinary teacher. It is also essential that you have a webcam, camcorder or video capability on your smartphone as well as a decent internet connection to access the course materials. Proficiency with English is recommended, as all instruction is given in English.

How long will this program take? What sort of time commitment will I have to make?

We recommend completing the course in 5-6 months, but you have 12 months to complete your course material online. Within that time, you can review the lectures, materials, interact with mentors, connect with other students and continue your knowledge as you progress through the course. After the course, you will have access to the course materials in a special section of our training site where you can review materials, connect with other graduates and further your education.

What about certification?

Upon successful completion of The Kaivalya Yoga MethodTeacher Training at the 200, 300 or 500 hour levels, you are certified in The Kaivalya Yoga Method. We have a dedicated and searchable website for our certified teachers which feature your bio, teaching schedule, and contact information so the world can see that you’ve met our rigorous testing standards and demonstrated your ability to lead stellar classes for a wide variety of students.

This online program far exceeds the common standards of a 500 hour teacher training. Here’s how:

Personalized guidance, review, and feedback of coursework and assignments
Rigorous testing standards including video uploads of various teaching techniques (sequencing, adjusting, anatomy, cueing, dharma talks, meditation, chanting, etc.)
ALL educators are 500++ hours trained in The Kaivalya Yoga Method and complementary techniques
Classes, training and educators available around the clock, and for consult and review as many times as necessary
Extensive body of knowledge covering all aspects of yoga & teaching technique that is viewable again and again at your convenience including:
100+ hours of training in anatomy for yoga: essential knowledge for all teachers
Safe and effective hands-on adjustments techniques
Principles of bhakti (devotional) yoga, chanting and mantra
Thorough sequencing skills based on body mechanics and subtle body principles
Feedback and review of your teaching practice throughout the course
Business skills and insights into how to land jobs, market, start teaching and tailor instruction to various student demographics such as beginners and prenatal clientele
Training in how to translate ancient practices including sacred texts, yogic mythology and philosophy to a modern audience
These are unique features that we are able to bring you given the online format of this program–a format that allows us to make teacher training available to those who would otherwise not be able to attend one–and does so without sacrificing the depth, breadth, and experience that immersing yourself in yoga offers. This course is Alanna’s previously-offered 200 and 300 hour live trainings….now offered online with expanded teachings, enhanced personal connection and feedback. It includes far more content than is ever possible in a live training format.

*Even though this online training exceeds common 500 hour standards, it is not registered with Yoga Alliance. More details are below in the Yoga Alliance frequently answered question.

Are the courses interactive, or done on my own?

Courses in this program are done both on your own and interactively. You review the video and text content on your own schedule and at your own pace, and are required to complete video and written assignments, plus online testing as you move through the coursework. Our mentors review and grade each assignment and provide thorough feedback. You can also freely interact with the mentors, Alanna, and other students currently in the program throughout your coursework through the private Facebook group, regularly scheduled webinars, and email.

What system/other requirements are needed to participate?

You will need to make sure you have the following:

  1. A webcam, camcorder, or video capture capability on your smartphone or other device as you will need to submit videos to us as part of your coursework.
  2. A decent internet connection to be able to access the course materials.
  3. You will need to purchase two books in addition to the price of the program: Sacred Sound and Myths of the Asanas. More info regarding this will be provided after registration.
  4. Proficiency with English is recommended, as all instruction is given in English.
Can I complete the program on my ipad or other mobile device?

Yes, you can use your iPad or other mobile devices to complete this program.

Is there a course outline syllabus I can view?
Yes, click here to view the Online Yoga Teacher Training course syllabus.
Can I preview the program to see what it's all about?
Yes, click here to participate in a preview of the program.
What payment options do you accept?
You can pay with a credit card during our secured checkout process. All pricing is listed in US dollars and payments will be automatically be converted to US dollars if you are paying with another currency.
Do you have a payment plan?
Yes! We have payment plans for the 200, 300, or 500 hour programs where you are automatically billed monthly payments over 6 months. Simply choose the payment plan option upon secure checkout.
Will I be a yoga alliance certified instructor upon completion of this program?

In light of the current pandemic, Yoga Alliance now allows online learning as part of their registration process. 

This means that you can register with Yoga Alliance upon graduating from The Kaivalya Yoga Method Academy online certification program.

This provision by Yoga Alliance is currently approved through September 30, 2020. It is our hope that this decision to allow online learning becomes permanent.

The Kaivalya Yoga Method Academy has always provided (and will continue to provide):

  • Comprehensive content above and beyond Yoga Alliance Standards
  • Certification upon completion of our 200-, 300-, and 500-hour programs
  • Registration on our own site for free of charge

If the Yoga Alliance registration element is important to you, then we strongly urge you to register and complete your training with us at this time. 

To read the updates from Yoga Alliance, ​visit this page​.

The Kaivalya Yoga Method Academy was the first online 500-hour teacher training program of its kind, and has been serving students since 2015. Alanna Kaivalya has been at the forefront of the movement to provide high-quality education for yoga professionals online. 

When the online provision expires, and trainings are allowed to move back to studios, people who want to register with Yoga Alliance at that time will need to enroll in an in-studio program. 

We will continue to follow this evolving topic and will continue to inform our students of updates and changes.

Are additional materials required?

Yes! For the 200-hour program, you will need to purchase a password for the anatomy portion which is $37 (the password is complimentary in the 500-hour program).

For the 300 and 500-hour programs, you will need to purchase required texts for approximately $40 depending upon if you choose kindle, used, or new options.

Still have questions? We’d love to hear from you!
Call Andrew at 833-YOGAYTT
(833) 964-2988‬.