Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

Listen To My Latest Podcast:

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Alanna Kaivalya. I have a 500-hour teacher training online with YogaDownload and I have over 250 hours of higher education for yogis online in the areas of spirituality and mysticism.

Welcome back! After a 10-year hiatus, I’m back podcasting!

There are over 30 million people practicing yoga in the United States, that’s a lot of people! They practice yoga for the asana, but also for the air of spirituality surrounding yoga.

Yoga teachers need to step into their roles as spiritual leaders. Your students are asking you so much more than how to stretch your hamstrings. They are asking you bigger questions about the mysteries of life, how to be better people, how to find joy, their psychological alignment.

Here’s what you can expect from this podcast and future episodes…
I want to help you step into the psycho-spiritual state of yoga and I’ll do that by talking about yoga philosophy and the yoga sutras as well as other well-known yoga texts.

We will talk about alchemy and be integrating it into your yoga practice. We will do this with ritual – which sounds more ominous than it really is. Rituals are simply a way in which we alert the unconscious that change is afoot.

We will discuss Western yoga philosophy, which I discuss in depth in my book Yoga Beyond the Mat. Since we live in the West, we practice Western psychology. What’s the difference? Eastern psychology focuses on the needs of the group, whereas Western psychology focuses on the needs of the individual.

We will talk a lot about astrology and tarot and how to integrate them with your yoga practice and teachings.

Life beyond Asana – the riches of yoga take us beyond the physical body

Those who know me know I am all about the mythology. I love it so much I got my Ph.D. in mythological studies. Myth allows us to be human beings, it shows us our path and the connections to the deepest parts of who we are.

I know it may sound counterintuitive but we will also discuss business: How to go beyond just teaching yoga classes. How to up-level your career by taking your offerings online and reach the greatest number of people.

I will be sharing a “freebie” with you each week. This week it’s a chapter from my book Yoga Beyond the Mat. The chapter talks all about the root chakra.

Resources mentioned on this podcast:
Yoga Beyond the Mat






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