Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

Listen To My Latest Podcast:

If you’re looking for a sign to take a course from The Kaivalya Yoga Method®, this is it. 

I sat down recently with Melissa De Los Santos, better known as Meli, who serves as the lead Mystic Mentor across all of the courses in the Kaivalya Yoga Method, to talk more about her experiences and background and was so grateful for all that she shared. What’s the sign? Well, I don’t think that there’s any person who can speak more to the programs offered here than Meli, as she’s literally taken all of them. If you didn’t know, Meli started first as a student and then made her way through each course (500-hour online teacher training, Upward Facing Business Academy or UFBA, Alchemical Astrology Certification Program, Decoding the Tarot, and the Alchemy of the Chakras). She is a yoga teacher, dream interpreter, and dream healer, and the Lead Mystic mentor across all of the courses at Alanna K, as well as the unofficial mayor of our Mighty Networks platform.

This post isn’t just a plug for the courses here at, but Meli really has taken them all. It IS  an invitation to watch the video and to learn more about Meli and how she guides her students through dream interpretations and dream healing–admittedly, a modality that I didn’t know much about. 

There are a few standout moments in the interview. One of them being Meli’s response to how her work/process has shifted during this season of multiple pandemics–COVID-19 and racism. Meli talks about how her approach to interpretation has gone from more standard or conventional, to a more cultural and individualized interpretation, naming that the person experiencing the dreams has more power to make meaning of the symbols that conventional knowledge makes room for. This is significant to me because I believe that there is space in our practice to operate from a place of knowing. A place where we actually possess the knowledge, the wisdom, and the ability to heal ourselves or to create the conditions for which healing and restoration can occur.  

“…what I’m mainly passionate about is teaching people to do these sessions for themselves…at the end of the day it is so empowering to be able to wake up, journal it, and know the meaning…”

I’m also encouraged by Meli’s desire to empower her community to do the work for themselves. In our closing thoughts, she shared that while we talked about her interpretation sessions, “what I’m mainly passionate about is teaching people to do these sessions for themselves. So, I have you know, my courses and things like that where, in our group calls that we have every month, I help them understand it. Because at the end of the day it is so empowering to be able to wake up, journal it, and know the meaning. And some dreams you’re not going to want to share with anybody, so that’s what I’m most passionate about.” If you’re anything like me, during these times it means so much to know that there are people who are actively empowering others to take control of their awareness and their healing. While I’ve been fortunate to engage with Meli since late summer, I’m grateful to know that I’m connected with someone who shares the belief of taking care of the community in the way that I do. And I’m also grateful to know that dreams are more than just dreams, but that they are access points to our healing.

To learn more about Meli, email her at For more information about dream interpretation and healing, or to find out how to work with her, follow her on instagram at @the_dreaming_yogi.  

Image from her Instagram @the_dreaming_yogi

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