Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

Listen To My Latest Podcast:

Spiritual leaders and yogis often struggle with what to eat based on ethics and belief systems. Registered Dietician, yogi, and funcitonal nutritionist, Kylie Fagnano, walks us through how to ethically make the best decisions for your health to keep you strong and fit to serve others with your gifts. She provides practical advice on discovering a new level of health and guidance on the warning signs of how what you eat may be impairing your wellbeing.

As yogis and spiritual leaders, we want to make good, conscious choices about pretty much everything but definitely about what we eat. And there are a lot of spiritual, moral and ethical implications that are surrounding that, especially for those of us who follow yoga philosophy. Now, in previous podcasts I’ve covered both the topics of Ahimsa, as well as chatting with my friend, Jenni Harris, of White Oak Pastures. If this is a topic that intrigues you, I highly recommend that you go back and listen to these previous podcasts, numbers 29 and 35.

This is such an interesting topic because food is so ingrained in our culture and in many, many different types of cultures, in celebrations and in bringing people together. I never feel so loved, when somebody brings me a cup of coffee or makes me a meal.

In this podcast, I speak with Kylie Fagnano. She’s not only a registered dietitian, she’s also a functional nutritionist, has a wealth of information about what it means to be a yogi, and to make good, healthy, conscious food choices that keep our well-being optimized so that we can serve others to the best of our ability.

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