Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

Listen To My Latest Podcast:

The primary tool of the yoga instructor and spiritual leader is the voice! How do we ensure that everything we say in class lands with compassionate direction? We tune up our cues, refine how we say things, and elevate our speech (and silence). Director of The Kaivalya Yoga Method Academy online teacher training, Andrew Hoffman, joins the podcast in this episode to give his essential insights!

 As a yoga teacher and spiritual leader, your most powerful tool is your voice. In this podcast, I speak with the director of the Kaivalya Yoga Method Academy, Andrew Hoffman. He’s been working on this online teacher training program with me since its inception and over the years has seen submissions from thousands of yoga teachers that have informed both him and myself as to how to harness the power of your voice for excellence, execution, and compassion while you teach. In this podcast, I speak with him about some of his favorite cueing strategies and how you can employ them to elevate the way you use your voice in your teaching practice.

One of the other things that we really focus on in our program is just the level of comprehensiveness, but also your ability… Your being the student’s ability… To become the absolute best yoga teacher possible.

I’m really excited today to bring you Andrew Hoffman, the Director of the Kaivalya Yoga Method Academy. He’s been working on the Academy with me since its inception, he’s also a mentor to all the students on the program, and he’s got some incredible stuff to share with you today on how to become an even better yoga instructor. So Andrew, welcome and thank you for being on the podcast.

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