Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

Listen To My Latest Podcast:

The Heroic Journey is talked about often in spiritual circles, but how does it really relate to our spiritual practice? Learn how the Hero’s Journey informs our yoga practice and guides us toward the transformation and fulfillment we seek.

If you’ve done any study of mythology, or storytelling, it’s certain that you’ve come across the term ‘Hero’s Journey.’ This is a term that also gets used often in spiritual circles. I thought I would take the time today to go through the Hero’s Journey cycle, what it means for you as a yogi, and where it comes from.

Mythologies are extraordinary, they are special in that the purpose of a mythology is to point you to something bigger than yourself, it’s to point you to the best most full expression of who you are.

There is a huge correlation with how and why stories inspire us because of the way we ourselves as human beings transform. So, the psyche I’ve talked about quite a bit in this podcast. In a general way, it’s divided into three different categories: Our conscious mind, which is our ego, that part of us that interacts with the world; our unconscious, which really, that’s where the gold is buried; and our supra-consciousness or our higher mind, that’s how we connect with the source and something bigger than us. Ideally, in terms of yoga and spirituality, we’re going to try to get all of these parts of the psyche to communicate successfully with one another.

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