Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

Listen To My Latest Podcast:

Veterans and active duty military put their lives on the line for the benefit of others — an ultimate act of selfless service. In turn, as spiritual leaders, we must step up to provide safe, healing space for this community to participate in yoga practice. Justin Blazejewski, founder of Vetoga, talks about the best ways to do this and work with military and veterans.

Our active duty military and veterans place their lives on the line in the ultimate act of selfless service. Whether they know. It or not, they are yogis at heart. Well, in this podcast, I speak to Justin Blazejewski, a yogi and veteran who’s working incredibly hard to create safe and transformative spaces for veteran and military. He’s the founder of VEToga, and I’m excited to have him talk to us about how we as spiritual leaders can create the same kind of safety and transformation inside of our own communities and practices. Also, please note, I was testing out a new microphone and it might sound a little bit scratchy when I talk. My apologies. The interview is amazing, I didn’t wanna do it over, and I hope you’ll forgive the technical challenges. It’s still an amazing podcast, and I promise I’ll work out that little glitch in the next one.

We’re all vessels of our teachings, in our lineages that we learn from, and when we turn around and face, our demographic we’re facing is different than what we receive.

I am thrilled and excited to bring one of my very dearest friends, but also incredible colleagues, Justin Blazejewski, the founder of VEToga to the podcast today to talk to us a lot more about working with veterans and active military inside of our yoga classes and our yoga community. So Justin, thank you so much for being here.

If you want to learn more about Justin and Vetoga please visit his website – Vetoga

Resources mentioned on this podcast:HigherEducation.Yoga Membership