Episode 48 – Gratitude Meditation: Guidance for Relieving Stress and Anxiety in Challenging Times

Episode 47 – 5 Ways to Make Money as a Yoga Teacher

Episode 46 – Launching Your Successful Online Yoga Biz: Case Study with Jory Serota

Episode 45 – Erotic Embodiment and Connecting To Your Wildness: A Conversation with Kait Singley of Living Eros

Episode 44 – Discovering the Power of Your Dreams: A Conversation with Melissa De Los Santos, Lead Mystics Mentor and Dreamworker

Episode 43 – Nourish Body and Soul with Optimized Food Choices: A Conversation with Kylie Fagnano, Registered Dietician and Functional Nutritionist

Episode 42 – The State of The Yoga Union: A Conversation with Emily Stewart, founder of GFI-U

Episode 41 – Cueing Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Impact: A Conversation with TKYM Academy Director, Andrew Hoffman

Episode 40 – Taking Feedback & Growing as a Yoga Teacher: A Conversation with TKYM Academy Mentor, Alyssa Arroyo

Episode 39 – Hero’s Journey as Spiritual Journey: What You Need to Know for Deep Transformation

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