The Mythology of Yoga: Why is it Important?

Mythology is often misunderstood in today’s society, particularly because in the west, many try to interpret mythological belief systems literally and empirically which leaves no room for faith or mystery. Taking a clinical and methodical approach to the...

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Pisces Full Moon: Swimming in Spiritual Waters

The mystical full moon in Pisces on September 6, 2017 is the culmination of months of energy that began building with the Pisces new moon and solar eclipse that occurred earlier this year on February 24th. On that date, we planted seeds in the psyche that...

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Let’s Talk Accessibility for Yoga

Accessibility. Now THAT is a buzz word in today’s socially conscious part of society. Accessibility, noun, The quality of being able to be reached or entered. Take a moment and think to yourself about a time in which YOU wanted to do something...

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