Let’s Talk Accessibility for Yoga

Accessibility. Now THAT is a buzz word in today’s socially conscious part of society. Accessibility, noun, The quality of being able to be reached or entered. Take a moment and think to yourself about a time in which YOU wanted to do something...

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Yoga Psychology: The Power of Personal Practice

Did you do your practice today? Are you hoping to get to a class later but the day is already getting away from you? Is the price of a yoga class starting to hurt your pocketbook and your downward dog? I get it.   Building your own home practice can be...

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Your Questions Answered: Q & A with Alanna

Sometimes life gives you questions...well, I’ve got some answers! This week on my Facebook Live broadcast, I opened up the floor to all the #ModernMystics in my tribe to ask any questions they had for me about mysticism, yoga, mythology, and...

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