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Listen To My Latest Podcast:

The full moon and lunar eclipse in Leo on February 10th, 2017, is the culmination of the powerful eclipse energy from September of 2016. If you look back over the last five months, surely you see tremendous transformation and shifts to the status quo that come to a peak with this exciting lunar eclipse. Eclipse energy usually lasts for around 6 months, as it’s the reflection of our unconscious and unconscious drives and gives us a chance to reset and renew the emotional contents of the previous six months. This is an opportune time to recalibrate your inner and outer relationships, and make sure that what you put out to the world comes from an authentic place within you, as the effects of this eclipse last through the next eclipse cycle in August.

The potent archetypal energies surrounding this moon illuminate dynamics within the sign of Leo, including home and family, relishing the spotlight, finding and expressing humor in any situation and, loyal partnerships. With Jupiter and Uranus in the mix,  you may find relationships getting a shakeup, or something within you will shift and give rise to the need to break away from the old paradigm. With Saturn watching carefully over this Mystic Rectangle (between Sun, Moon, Uranus and Jupiter), we have the pressure to respond, and yet the commitment to make magic from the mess. You find the serenity and strength to handle emotions that arise at this time, or you provide the stability and support for others who come to you seeking advice.
Take the opportunity at this time of transition to revel in the loyalty and laughter that is the hallmark of Leo, while rejoicing in the push and pull of Jupiter and Saturn that assists you in manifesting your wildest flashes of intuition.

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Alchemical Ritual for the Leo Full Moon
As a fire sign, Leo is passionately driven toward an exuberant expression of self and reveling in the company and attention of others. On the low side, Leo becomes aggressive or arrogant, or the opposite: shy with a lack of self-confidence. This full moon ritual for Leo emphasizes the high side of Leo so that we step out of the shadow, into our own light and present it to the world with joy and love.   
Leo’s ruler is the sun, which represents the light of full consciousness. However, if the sun burns to brightly, it singes all those who touch it. And, without the sun, it leaves others cold and unfeeling. Leo’s inherent warmth must be generous, and humble; the perfect combination to allow Leo’s energy to shine appropriately. To keep Leo’s energy elevated in this ritual, gather yellow stones such as citrine, topaz or jasper, and place them in the center of your ritual space. You may also place your sacred items in a gold (or gold-colored) bowl or chalice, as gold compliments the sun.
Bring in the fire element in some way, by surrounding your ritual space with candles. Fire, being the inherent energy of the sun. Frankincense oil may be used to anoint your third eye and solar plexus chakra before and after the ceremony. Use sage, sweet grass or palo santo to cleanse yourself and the space by casting the smoke over yourself and encircling your own body three times. Light your candles and dim the lights. Sit in the center of your space and bring the hands together at the heart center. Close the eyes, and turn the inner gaze to the third eye and say the following invocation aloud: 
Sun, light my way so that I may shine brightly for the benefit of all.
Do one round of a yogic breath called skull-shining (kapalabhati) to ignite the inner flame and fan it toward the third eye, allowing you to clearly see how to bring the fullest expression of yourself into the world. Place one hand on the abdomen as you sharply exhale through the nose. Repeat this rapidly for 10 – 20 repetitions. The sensation is the same as blowing the nose, or coughing as you use the abdominal muscles to push the air to the top of the nasal passages, and then out the nose. Allow the inhale to be passive, as the shoulders stay relaxed and the mouth stays closed. 
After the skull-shining breath, resume normal breathing and notice the energy shift in the body. Ask yourself silently: “How may I best be of service to others?” Allow time for a subtle answer. It may be one you expect, or not! Whatever answer comes is the right one for you at this time. Hold your hand over your upper belly as you breathe into the answer you receive and feel it take hold of you, inside and out.
When complete, turn the internal gaze to the third eye and chant Om three times. Snuff the candles and write down the answer that you received (either on paper or as a reminder on your phone), so that you place your attention on it daily until sharing your gift becomes a natural extension of your daily life. This ritual allows you to know your purpose, understanding that the fullest expression of yourself is the greatest gift you give to the world.


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