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Listen To My Latest Podcast:

With the Spring Equinox, we start the Zodiac year in the sign of Aries. The new moon on March 27, 2017 follows suit, and in Aries fashion: the moon goes rogue.

It’s standing powerfully in the sign of Aries with only the sun and Venus nearby. No other ties to planets in other signs, means this Aries new moon…is about as Aries as one can get.
This encourages us to develop Aries qualities such as strength, passion, independence, and zeal. It is a good time to make a plan and put some energy into starting something new. If you have been waiting for the right time to begin a project, pursue a goal, or get serious about your spiritual practice, now is the time! Avoid the warring side of Aries by honing any “battle plans”  to structure your next moves and soften any fiery energy with a cooling practice, such as meditation or yoga nidra.
The only thing not advisable to start at this time is a new relationship. The moon is next to Venus, which is currently retrograde. This means that now is a good time to reflect upon current relationships and take stock. Keep a lid on any new lustful energy generated by Aries over the next few weeks, though! Rather, use this opportunity for some introspection around any intimacy that is already in place.
Spend your energy making big plans for what is next, because if you use this time wisely, what’s next could be big!

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Alchemical Ritual for the Aries New Moon:
As a cardinal fire sign, Aries is capable of lighting passions and starting the charge toward obstacles that would seem insurmountable to anyone else. At this time, consider what lies ahead of you that the brazenness of Aries can help you develop the willpower to achieve.
Gather crystals (fire agate, aventurine, clear quartz are good choices), sage or sweet grass and find a symbol that represents what you would like to achieve under the energy of this new moon. Create your space with these items and light a candle. On a sheet of paper, write down your goal, and also a list of things that seem to stand in your way. Sit quietly in meditation on what you have written and say the following invocation:
Mars & the Moon, light the path of the spiritual warrior so that I may manifest my greatest achievement. 
Take some time for quiet reflection. Finally, burn the paper with your goal and obstacles as you commit to letting go of what is holding you back. Cleanse yourself with sage or sweetgrass. Snuff the candle. Close the ritual with three chants of Om and a moment of gratitude.

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