When was the last time you experienced joy? Or, maybe just took some time for yourself? Have you taken the opportunity to follow your heart? Or, even better, your bliss?

It’s tough out there these days, with so many things demanding our attention. Perhaps rightly so, as we need to take care of business, handle responsibilities, and stay on top of our lives.

You know as well as I do that bigger things are calling us. That spiritual practice and leadership are at the heart of what we do and who we are.

Sometimes that priority gets shuffled to the back burner.

Good news is that we are just beginning a nine-month long astrological event that fires up our date with destiny and inspiration. It helps us reprioritize our spiritual leadership, and gives us insight into how to best follow the path we have chosen and discover our bliss.

The planets Jupiter and Neptune light up the sky for us for most of 2018, guiding us toward expanding our spiritual leadership, elevating our consciousness, and working with transcendent practices.

Our spiritual work during this time becomes more important, but also filled with more grace. You will find during this time that every ounce of energy you apply to yoga and spiritual studies returns to you in a big way!

Jupiter’s joy-filled archetype fuels expansion and exploration. It also drives us to put more passion in our teaching, and examine our belief systems. Neptune’s archetype focuses our consciousness, encourages communication between all the parts of our psyche, and connects us to the transcendent power of spirituality.

In short: it’s a good time to be a yoga professional and spiritual leader!

Spiritual leadership requires us to hone all the skills and learn all the tools necessary to serve the highest good in ourselves and others. It goes beyond yoga practice and includes the mystical practices that have been in the repertoire of spiritual teachers for millennia.

One of my most favorite tools (in case you couldn’t tell!) is astrology. Through astrology we gain a window into the psyche of the individual and the collective. There is no better tool for self-knowledge and for gaining the bigger answers to cosmic questions and finding your purpose.

We’re just getting ramped up with the super special energy of the Jupiter-Neptune trine I mentioned above, and it is such great timing as you plan your 2018! Be sure to set  goals that include upping your game in terms of your spiritual practice, business, and teaching. The world needs you now more than it ever has before!

This week on my Facebook Live broadcast, I went over some of the basics of astrology for you! We talked about how astrology helps you to become a better yoga teacher, why knowing your sun, moon and rising sign are so important, and how knowing these three things about the people you love greatly improves relationships.

Astrology 101: How to Get Started With The Stars (for Yogis!)

Resources and Links

As a gift to get you started on your exploration of astrology, I want to offer you my complimentary ebook, Astrology 101: Decoding Your Energetic BlueprintIt guides you through the basic principles of astrology, and teaches you to understand the most important elements of your chart: the sun, moon, and rising signs.

Of course, if you’d like more in-depth instruction, or want the interactive format of an online course, I have a super affordable program that I’d love for you to check out: What’s My Sign?: The Astro-Newbie’s Guide to Your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign