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Sacred Sound

Sacred Sound Book Sacred Sound: Discovering the Myth and Meaning of Mantra & Kirtan. Cover design by Emma Segal. (April 2014, New World Library)

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Mantras are an important and essential part of most every eastern spiritual practice. They are sacred sounds and phrases that have their origination in the historical texts of the eastern traditions and it turns out, there is actually a correlative mythology behind them. The function of mantras is to provide a codex that unlocks deeper access into the psyche, just as their mythology provides the context to better understand how our psychology effects our everyday life.

Mantra is not a scary word. Nor is it an impractical practice. It’s an easy practice that people who do not employ more physical forms of yoga can engage in. It can even be practiced by folks who have no interest in physical yoga. The Beatles incorporated mantra into many of their songs, and were some of the first western proponents of the recitation of mantra through their travels in India and subsequent favor of the Transcendental Meditation movement. It’s an easy, accessible practice akin to singing in the shower: It can be done whenever it suits you, on your own, and no matter what kind of voice you are working with.

Mantra, when chanted correctly, has the power to correct, redirect and reunify all that is separate - namely, the prakriti, or manifest reality, dissolves back into the purusha, Ultimate Reality. For us, as individuals, this means that mantra has the ability to reunify any feeling of separation we have from source. This is yoga!

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Sacred Sound

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“An inspirational book, both for those who are new to chanting and mantra and those whose path is already blessed by the power of the sacred sounds.”

— Deva Premal and Miten, chant masters and devotional musicians

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Myths of the Asanas

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"Myths of the Asanas has a lyrical essence that comes forth in its story telling."

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