The Abundance Principle: How to Tap Into It

What is your biggest struggle as a yoga teacher? I’ll bet I know what it is... I think it’s this: Money. ? It’s a tricky subject, isn’t it? In fact, I bet you’re wondering why I’m coming to you with such a challenging topic this week. Well,...

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Winter Solstice Ceremony & Celebration

Many years ago, my very first astrology teacher (who also happened to be my very first yoga teacher), would invite us to his local yoga studio to celebrate the solstice. As someone who was not raised in a religious setting, this became the way...

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Cancer Full Moon: Bringing the Feminine to Life

An auspicious full moon graces us on New Year’s Day with encouragement to start 2018 in alignment with your highest ideals. The Cancer full moon’s energy increases our unconscious and emotional activity, putting our hearts in touch with our minds. The past...

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